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THE “PEPE” (Ancient African Material)


African Architecture has been subjected to so much external influence by the westerners but like the culture of Africa, “its Architecture is exceptionally diverse”, this statement might not be absolutely true in the 21st century because all we see around are buildings with a modernize touch, still, this does not discredit the fact that there are materials that once distinct Africa architecture from the others.

African architecture made use of various material before the influence of the westerners, but this material varied according to regions, some made structures with thatch, stick/wood, mud, mud-brick, rammed earth and stone,  various region were known for certain material, North Africa were known for stone and rammed earth, horn Africa for dry stone and mortar, central Africa for thatch/wood and more perishable materials, southeast and southern Africa for stone and thatch/wood while west Africa uses mud/ adobe and this is where the “Pepe” comes in.


The Pepe is a word originated by the Yoruba tribes from West Africa region which describe a type of improvised furniture construction made with mud and mostly attached to the wall of the structure which is also made with mud. In the early days in Africa when the use of wooden and steel furniture were not in vogue, the Africans made use of mud to carve out any type of furniture they needed, it was used for tables, chair, bed, closet Etc. This material naturally made the interiors of buildings cold due to its earthly nature.

They later found out that this material can be more comfortable if it had a softer nature which made them to add cloths on top of it to form a mattress nature and has technology grew they had softer material to apply on the surface of the Pepe.

The Pepe has a static nature has it is most time always constructed to the wall, it gives the interior of an African home an ancestral look that properly depict African architecture but the advent of wooden/steel/glass furniture has made the Pepe gone into extinction. is it possible to bring back the pepe and revitalize African


A woman cooking on a fuel efficient stove inside a traditional mud hut kitchen, Uganda, Africa



Some facts where gotten from http://en.m.Wikipedia.org/wiki/architecture_of_africa



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